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Those great, realistic stunts with fire, cars and fighting stunts you see in movies are the specialization of our stunt team. Rolling over a car or catching fire is part of our daily routine. Our stunt team’s priority in any stunt is safety, not only for the performer but for any spectators, cast and crew around the stunt.

Our motto is: there is a possibility for any budget. Everybody within our stunt team has his or her own stunt specialization and are ready to perform the best stunts for your scene or production.

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Movie Stunts The Netherlands

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Movie Stunts The Netherlands

Stuntmen or women for movies and tv

Movie Stunts The Netherlands performs spectacular stunts for movies and tv. Do you need to drive a car into the water , a high fall from buildings or a fighting scene? Our experienced stunt coordinator will discuss the possibilities with you and assign the best stunt professional for your scene.

We also provide stunts for TV. TV stunts have an entirely different approach because often they are performed in studio’s or in front of a live audience. For example, a host falling off stairs, a stunt man catching fire in front of a crowd or a spectacular car jump on a movie scene. TV stunts are always performed by us with the highest safety standards in mind

What makes Movie Stunts Nederland unique?


Safety first


Working in The Netherlands and abroad


Stunt team, each with its own specialisation


Good connections with international stunt professionals


We provide everything you need to create your action scene


Specialized in film and television stunts

Movie Stunts The Netherlands

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