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All conceivable stunt coordination and performance, large and small

You can hire professional stuntmen and stuntwomen for the Netherlands and Belgium at Movie Stunts.

At Movie Stunts International, you can hire stunt professionals for film, commercials and TV. Internationally, but particularly in the Netherlands and Belgium. Those awesome, realistic fire stunts, car stunts and combat stunts that you always see, this is what our stunt team specialises in. Roll a car over or be set on fire? That’s what we do every day. Safety for our stunt team, cast and crew, always comes first. Unique to this is our excellent third party liability insurance.

We always look at the options within your budget, our motto is: there is always something that can be done. Everyone in our vast stunt team has their own specialisation. Our stuntmen and stuntwomen can create any action scene you want!

Movie Stunts International stages spectacular stunts for film, commercial and TV, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether it’s a crashing a car into water, a fall from a height, an experienced stunt coordinator will go through your idea with you on location so that we can provide the right stunt people for you.

Stunts that we stage

Fire stunts

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Fighting and falling

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Car stunts

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Stunt people

Movie Stunts International works with various specialists in the fields of car stunts, martial arts, military and police. This means we can provide each stunt with the right person.

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