Car and motorcycle stunts

Spectacular car & motorcycle stunts
for film, TV and commercial

Movie Stunts International creates spectacular car stunts for film, commercial and TV. We are mainly active in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our stunt team has stunt men and women who specialize in the most breathtaking car & motorcycle stunts. You will be amazed at what we can move cars and motorbikes to, sensational but always safe. Launching a vehicle, staging a crash or overturning a car, it is our daily work. We creatively transform the action scenes from your film script into tailor-made stunts, perfectly tailored to the story.

You can also combine vehicle stunts with, for example, fire stunts, merging into the action scene. We mainly do vehicle stunts for film, commercial and TV.

Popular car & motorcycle stunts

Stunts that we often perform are:






Crashing a vehicle into water


Rolling a vehicle


Staging a crash


Vehicle chases

Some techniques

90 handbrake turn

The car drives up and makes a quick turn to the left or right, whereby the rear of the car slips as it skids around the bend.

180 turn

The car drives up and spins half a turn around its axis to continue driving in reverse.

180 J turn

The car drives up in reverse and suddenly spins half a turn a slipping on its axis and continues driving forwards.

Do you want to stage car stunts?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We match the right stuntman or stuntwoman to the car stunt of your choice.