Movie Stunts

Movie Stunts International is made up of a permanent stunt team of stuntmen – and stuntwomen – mainly active in Belgium and the Netherlands, each with their own specialisation. This means that you are always assured of the best stuntman or woman in his/her area of expertise, whether it involves a car crash, film fight, fall from a building, a person on fire, rigging or aerial stunts. Our specialty lies in car stunts, combat stunts and fire stunts, from many different heights and with all kinds of cables. We can also offer people who have worked in specialist units at the Ministry of Defence or who have provided training for the police. We do everything within the Dutch law, are in possession of good third-party insurance and always put safety first. We have the right contacts to help you with any kind of stunt requirements.

Edward van Tongeren

Edward van Tongeren has been a seasoned stuntman for 20 years with ample experience in film, commercial and television stunts. Although he thinks nothing of rolling a car or catching fire, he still feels that fantastic, healthy tension every time. As he has also worked a lot abroad, including Moscow, Denmark and the Middle East, he has interesting connections with international stunts. While studying Media Entertainment Management, he was already introduced to the stunt profession, which he learned from various stunt coordinators.

Would you like to hire a stuntman or stuntwoman?

Then please contact us. We will help you find the right stunt person for the stunt you want. We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.