Fight and fall

Stunts with fighting and falling

Everyone knows the fast Jackie Chan battle scenes. Film stunts with movements that flow smoothly into each other, realistic, but no one gets hurt. These martial arts films are characterized by the elongated battle scenes, often using firearms and martial arts such as karate, kickboxing and kung fu. With combat choreography and the necessary stunt materials, we can create amazing battle scenes and combat stunts for film, commercial and TV.

Equipment rental

We supply materials such as ratchets, mats and airbags. We can even help you with people who have worked in specialist units within Defense or provided training with the police. Together with an experienced stunt coordinator we will go through your idea to provide the right stunt women and men for your stunt fight.

Fight and fall stunts that we often perform:

Falling from heights

Martial arts

Body stunts

Diving through windows

Falling down stairs

Rolling off things

Rigging stunts

Traditional weapons


Police and military techniques

Apprehension/Arrest techniques

Do you want to stage fight or fall stunts?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We match you with the right stuntman or stunt woman