Fire stunts

Fire stunts: from catching fire to conflagration

Movie Stunts International creates the most sensational fire stunts you see in movies, commercials and on TV. Especially in the Netherlands and Belgium. To emerge from a conflagration or catch fire, always with the greatest safety and a spectacular result. Fire stunts are often not the simplest stunts, but with a very spectacular result, and we are good at it.

We have professional stunt men and women in our stunt team with fire stunts as a specialization. With the right materials, clothing, Nomex, pbi, carbonX clothing and masks for full burn, every fire stunt can be performed safely. We also create a spectacular tailor-made fire stunt for your scene!

Particial burn
When it comes to a partial burn, only an arm or leg is on fire.
Full burn

With full burn, someone is on fire from top to bottom.

Naked skin burns

Someone appears to be on fire with bare skin. We use a special gel and fire paste as invisible protection, this is possible for any part of the body including the head.


The performer is close to or in the explosion and may or may not be pulled back.

Do you want to stage a fire stunt?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We link the right stuntman or stunt woman to the fire stunt of your choice.