Rigging stunts & Technical

Stunt rigging

Jumping out of a moving train or falling down 20 metres from a roof edge after a chase, these kinds of thrilling scenes that you often see in films – Movie Stunts can recreate them all! Our stunt people and tools are suspended on cables, which are hidden away afterwards. Safety plays an important role in this. For example, think about a cast and crew doing a film shoot on a high mountain or on the roof of a tall building. Everyone must always be protected 100% either visibly or invisibly. By drawing on our experience, we can guarantee absolute safety and ensure that we achieve any effect that you want.

Own equipment

Movie Stunts has plenty of its own rigging material and equipment at its disposal to cater to all your needs at our training locations. We can make a complete preview of your project in our own rigging centre, where we demonstrate the aerial movements and reassure the performers in the harnesses.

Technical engineering

Movie Stunts International heeft eigen technische voorzieningen om het onmogelijke toch mogelijk te maken. Of het nu gaat om het lassen van een Pipe Ramp of het ontwerpen van een gecompliceerde rig Movie Stunts International ontwerpt, maakt en voert uit.

Webben wij expertise nodig van derden, dan heeft Movie Stunts International uitstekende contacten in de maakindustrie om samen tot een fenomenaal resultaat te komen.

Rigging and wirework

It is almost impossible to imagine the film world without rigging and wirework. Almost every film has one or more scenes that use cables. The possibilities are endless. Some examples:


An actor that is blown away by an explosion


A superhero who hits someone, who then flies backwards for several metres


An actor who jumps from three floors up and walks away from that without any problems


A flying superhero

Do you want to use rigging stunts?

Feel free to contact us for more information. We link the right stuntman or stuntwoman to the rigging stunt of your choice.